Saturday, August 10th

10:00 AM Partner WOD!!
11:00 AM Mobility with Mary, there will NOT be competitors training at this time, we will be using the gym for the Mobility clinic only at this hour.
Yes, lots of burpees this week :-)

Partner WOD

Part 1
10 Min AMRAP
Squat Clean (135/95)
Burpees (4 reps every minute OTM)
** score is total number of SQ performed 
Rest 5 Minutes
Part 2
10 Min AMRAP
250 M Sandbag Run with Partner
10 OHS (95/65)
10 Ball Slams (50/30)
*partners work at the same time alternating OHS and Ball Slams each round.

Some box jump tips... considering we had a BIG miss this morning!!! Get better soon, Ben!!!