Thursday February 23, 2012

6:30AM Class on Thursday!

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Strength: Deadlifts 3 reps at 70%, 80%, or more 90%


5 Rounds

10 Push Press (105/75)

15 Wall balls, 10 ft. Target (20/14)

20 Jumping Lunges (10 each leg in front)

Open WOD 1
Sure most of you saw this lil beauty. 7 min AMRAP of Burpees, jumping 6 inches to touch a target. What fun!  Reminder we'll be doing this WOD on Friday.  It would be great if you guys helped judge before or after you do the WOD. This should be an easy one to judge.  And remember to submit your score after the WOD so we can validate it. Check out the full rules and video at:

Doesn't Lou look like he's loving the Thrusters!Kaplan making the sled pulls look easy :)