Words of the Day

Here is a post from Lisbeth, she write tons of inspirational quotes and stories in her blog.  If you're on twitter follow her to keep up with some of the latest CrossFit news.  I'll try to be better about re-tweeting her posts.  Link on lower right side bar to follow MHCF and CrossFit Lisbeth on twitter.


You ever feel like this about CrossFit? Like it fills some place inside you that you can’t even describe, let alone name. Like you’ve come home, after so many years of searching.

No other gym workout ever came close to filling that space or ending that search. And now no gym could ever come close to the experiences at your CrossFit affiliate. Sweat, work, fun, and a whole bunch of very different and yet very like-minded souls. Work, laugh, maybe swear, some folks even cry — but definitely love somehow. (Even if you hate the workout while you’re doing it.) Rinse and repeat.

It sounds so simple that you wonder: How come no one ever figured this out before? We all wonder that. But you know what? It doesn’t matter. CrossFit is here. You found it. Other folks are about to find it. Welcome them. Say hi. Remember you were them once. They’re searching too. Open the door and invite them in . . .