August Monthly Challenge - 2 min OHS (95/65)

Sorry Todd, we got it posted at the gym just last night :)

Here it is guys....2 min challenge of OHS (95/65), modify as needed.  After watching much of the class perform Air Force a few weeks ago, I noticed the portion holding most people up was the OHS.  So, now we work on them :)

This first week of August test yourself to see how many OHS you can accumulate in 2 min.  You can do this before class if you arrive early or during your cool down (note: aim for getting this done today, Wednesday, you'll see plenty of the squat movement tomorrow so don't want to fry yourself out).

Then we'll post some ideas throughout the month that aim to help improve your OHS.....feel free to be creative with ideas on working them too (tabata OHS anyone?) and then we will re-test your 2 min OHS at the end of August.