Paleo and the Grain Manifesto

For those of you still on the edge about changing your eating habits, here is a little information for you to absorb.  

Courtesy of the Whole 9: The Grain Manifesto: Why We Don't eat Grains...
A: Grains provoke an inflammatory response in the gut
B: Grains spike insulin levels
C: Grains have an acidifying effect on the body
D: Grains are empty calories

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For Chris and I (Shara) adopting a Paleo life style has been more about making good choices rather than feeling deprived of certain foods.  Yes we have cheat days and still are not 100% Paleo every day but since we have started to revolve our meals around lean meats, veggies, fruit, nuts, and seeds we have noticed an improvement in how we feel, an increase in energy and overall better WOD performance.  Please stop by and ask a trainer about ways to improve your diet and overall health.
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