Tuesday, July 31st, 2018

1. DB hammer curl into strict press while in a jerk Split Position: 5×7 reps

2. Clean + Front Squat+ Push Press+ Push Jerk+ Jerk: (1+1+1+1+1) x 5

3. Clean Deadlift at 2” deficit + Shrugs (3+3)x 5. Try and go a little heavier than last week. 

4. 3 sets:

1 arm DB Weighted Sit ups + 1 arm Strict Press x 10 reps

Leg Lift Holds x 45 total seconds (sit on the floor with legs straight out in front of you. Hold heels up and try to maintain hollow body position)

Reverse Hypers x 10. Pause at the top for 3 seconds and squeeze glutes. Use some resistance bands if these are too easy.