Monday, March 26th, 2018

Welcome to our next cycle where we will go back to no percentages! In the last cycle, I felt a lot of you were getting caught up in the numbers and worrying if you weren’t able to hit the prescribed loads. Percentages are guidelines and should be based off of feel, not numbers. I will give you some guidance, but let’s use this cycle as a chance to tune into our bodies and pick weights according to how recovered we feel, how fast the bar is moving, how efficient our technique is and where we’re at mentally on that specific day. The more you can listen to your body and be SMART about what your body needs, the better athlete you’ll be and the longer you’ll stay injury free!

1. High Hang Strict Muscle Snatch+ OHS+ Zotts Press ( 3+3+3) x 3. Pick a light weight and take small jumps from there through the 3 sets. The strict muscle snatches should be done with no leg drive. We’re working on a perfect bar path (bar close, elbows high and outside) and strengthening our muscles in that movement. The OHS needs to be slow and controlled and the zotts press controlled and strong overhead. Do not rush through this warm up!

2. Snatch Push Press: 5×5

3. Barski Snatches (A fancy way of saying 3 snatches from high hang with no straps): 5×3. Warm up to about 55-60% and then begin counting your sets. Move up in weight each set IF your movement feels fast. Focus here is on leg drive!

4. Pause Front Squat: 5×5 Pause for 2 seconds in the bottom. Warm up before you begin counting sets.

5. 3 sets:

Hollow Hold x 30sec

Side Plank lifts x 10 each side.