Wednesday, Feb 7th, 2018

1. Snatch Balance + OHS (2+1) x 3 @ 77%, (1+1) x 3 @80% of best snatch or snatch balance. Depending on whichever one is higher.

2. Snatch Pull+Power Snatch+ Snatch: (1+2+1) x 2, (1+1+1) x 5. Move up in weight each set but keep your movement snappy and fast!

3. Pause Front Squat+Front Squat: 5x(2+1). Pause for 3 seconds. Work up in weight each set. But make sure to uphold the pause in the bottom! Make sure to stay tight and active when you’re in the bottom of the squat. Pause does not mean relax!

4. 3 Sets:

Hollow Holds or Tuck Holds x 30 sec.. straight into 20 jack knives or v- ups.

Weighted hip extensions x 10-15 with 3 sec hold at top to squeeze glutes. Put barbell on back in high rack position and keep grip close to engage upper back.

If you have a sled or prowler, do some heavy sprints! 3 sprints. If you don’t have a sled or prowler, do 4 sets of 30 sec sprints on air assault bike or rower. Rest 90 seconds in between each sprint.