Friday, Feb 9th, 2018

1. Split Jerk with Dumbbells+ DB Press in split: (5+10)x 3. Use this as a warm up to work stabilization and balance. Palms facing each other.

2. Push Press: 3×5. Establish a medium heavy weight and hit for all three sets of five.

3. Clean Pull+ Power clean+ Jerk (1+1+1+1) x 5.

Work up in weight through the course of the 5 sets. Don’t start counting sets until you reach ~65%. I want the power to be snappy and explosive with emphasis on leg drive!

4. Trap Bar Deadlifts or Deadlifts on 2” riser: 4×3 @ 95-97% of best clean

5. Three Sets of:

Weighted sit upsx 20

Slow Weighted Russian Twists x 30 reps

DB Flies x 10