Tuesday, May 9th, 2017


  1. burgener warm up
  2. skill transfer exercises
  3. high hang clean+ front squat +push press: 1+3+2 x 5 sets.
  4. clean tempo pause pulls: 3 sets x 2 sec pause at each position.  come back down and pause 2 sec at each position.  going up and down is the complete exercise for 1 rep. do 3 sets.
  5. front squat: 3, 3, 3, 3, 3
  6. good mornings light: to a 45 degree angle…3 reps x 5 sets.
  7. sit ups with weight behind  head…..50 reps.


The six positions are:

1-1″ off floor

2-1″ below knee

3-1″ above knee

4-mid thigh. Aka hang

5-the scoop. I call this the down position.

6-can be 3 different names….a. High hang if I am standing only. B. FINISH if I am exploding to a finish position from number 5. C. Can actually be a snatch from 5 position or a clean from 5. Depending on what we are working on.

We can also do tempo pause pulls where we would pause for a 1-2 second count at each position.

When doing both style of pulls (tempo no pause and tempo with pause) you go up hitting all positions and come down to Floor hitting all positions.