Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

1. Tempo Clean Deadlift (take 10 seconds to get into power position)+Muscle Clean+Strict Press+Close Grip OHS (2+2+2+2)x 3-4 sets. *This should be light! Focus in on technique and hit PERFECT positions.

2. 2 POS Clean (high hang + floor): 5 sets. Move up in weight each set. Don’t start counting sets until you got to 65%.

3. Strict Press+Push Press: 2x (3+3), 2x (2+4), 2x (1+5)

4. Clean Pulls: 3×3 with 90% of your best clean and jerk. Use Straps.

5. 3 sets:

Chinese Planks: 60 seconds.

Barbell Curls: 15 reps (stretch biceps after each set)