Monday, October 9th, 2017

1. Muscle Snatch+ Snatch Strict Press+ OHS+Snatch Balance w/out a dip+Zotts Press: (3+3+3+3+3) x 3 *stay light and use this as a warm up. On the muscle snatch, focus on the PULL AND PUNCH turnover. Do not swing the bar around the face.

2. Pause Snatch Balance: 5×2. Work up to a medium load. Do not begin counting sets until 60-65%. Pause for 3 seconds in the receive and make sure to stay SUPER active in the bottom.

3. High Hang Snatch+ Low Hang Snatch (right above knee): 3x (2+1), 3x (1+1). Work up in weight throughout the course of the 6 sets. *Be careful not to sit too far back on the heels when snatching from the low hang.

4. Tempo Back Squats: 5×3. 3 second descent, 2 second pause in the bottom. Work up in weight throughout the 5 sets, but do not go so heavy that you cannot maintain the tempo.

5. 3 sets:

5-10 strict pull ups

25 HEAVY russian kettle bell swings (unbroken)

30 ab mat sit ups

*this is not for time… the focus is on quality of movement