Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

1. Power Snatch: 3×3. Same Weight all 3 sets. 2×2. Same weight for 2 sets. 3×1. Same weight for 3 singles. Move up in weight as the reps decrease. I am not concerned about heavy load. I want speed and timing to be the priority!

2. Power Clean+Push Jerk: (1+1) x 5 sets. Pick a medium, light weight and hit for all 5 sets. Speed, Speed, Speed!

3. Front Squat: 5×5. You get to choose between moving up in weight throughout the 5 sets (do not begin counting sets until at least 65%), or picking one weight and hitting for all 5 sets.

4. Weighted Planks: 3×60 seconds. If you can’t hold for the full minute, that’s ok! Just accumulate a total of 3 minutes.