Monday, October 30th, 2017

This week will be used to let your muscles recover as we prepare to move into our next four weeks of training.. which are programmed with lots of focus on increasing our power and confidence in the lifts as a whole.

In this deload week, don’t freak out! Due to the decrease in volume and intensity, recovery weeks can be discouraging and confusing as you begin to feel like you’re losing your strength and technique. DO NOT LET YOUR MIND GO THERE! TRUST that your body needs rest and your muscles need time to repair so that they can get stronger!


1. Muscle Snatch: 5,3,3,2,2,1 Work up to a heavy single for the day. PULL AND PUNCH TURN OVER!

2. Power Snatch: 2×3,3×2,2×1. Perform these every 90 seconds. Keep the weight light and work on speed and snappiness of the hands and feet.

3. Front Squat: 3×3 Pick a medium weight and hit for all three sets.

4. Side Planks: 3x 45-60 seconds each side

4. Strict toes to bar: 3x 10