Monday January 23rd, 2017


  1.  power snatch, +Snatch balance no dip+ snatch: 1+1+1 x 6 working sets.  try to increase the weight each set.  snatch balance no dip is a tough lift….PUNCH your body down into the receiving position hard and fast!  this is the lift that will determine your working weight for this sequence.    NO MISSES.  all perfect lifts.  feel the weight.
  2. snatch high pulls:  3 sets x 3 reps take bar from floor…..bring into all correct positions…when exploding pull the bar up to under the chin kinda like an upright row……really use the legs to drive the weight upward and then continue pulling bar to chin. REMEMBER: ELBOWS HIGH AND OUTSIDE WHEN PULLING BAR UP.
  3. in the hole front squats: select your deepest position in a power rack…..DEEPEST POSITION……5 sets of 3 reps….take 5 sec to get back down to the rack….release grip and relax 1-2 sec….then back under bar and up again…..repeat.
  4. kb snatch+ohs+sotts press+stand…..2 reps each hand x 3 sets. no turkish get ups this week.
  5. bent over rows with bar bell x 10 reps x 2 sets. lead with the scapula then pull with the arms to just under chest.
  6. 50 ab mat sit ups using 10- wt behind head while keeping feet on the ground.