Monday, January 16th, 2017


  1. high hang power snatch, hang power snatch, snatch: 1+1+1 x 6 working sets.  try to increase the weight each set.  the high hang is a tough lift….dip straight down as dipping for a jerk.  your weight will be kept fairly light because i do not want any hinge whatsoever.  NO MISSES.  all perfect lifts.  feel the weight.  one more thing….when bringing the bar to the high hang…address the bar as if you are going to lift it…lift the bar slowly to the high hang hitting all the correct positions.
  2. snatch pulls:  3 sets x 3 reps use between 90-100% of best snatch.  make those plates sign to you….drive with the legs….get acceleration on the bar bell.  use loose arms when driving……you arms are like ropes.
  3. tempo front squats: 10 seconds down….keep chest up…back tight…..pause 1002 at bottom….drive out of the hole.  2 reps x 5 sets.  be smart on your weight selection.  this is the first time we have done this exercise.  get the feel….weight will go up in the future….be conservative.
  4. kb snatch+ohs+sotts press+turkish get up+stand…..2 reps each hand x 3 sets. (love this exercise!!)
  5. bent over rows with bar bell x 10 reps x 2 sets.
  6. toes to bar x 50 reps.