Wednesday, July 20th, 2016


  1. clean+front squat+jerk: 1+3+1: 5 sets.  you choose the weight!!  this should be about an 8 out of a 10 on the perceived exertion scale.  NO MISSES!!!
  2. clean pulls aka russian pull style:  set up and pull like a clean….however get to a good finished and pulling bar up as high as you can…..4 sets x 3 reps.  going heavy.
  3. clean deadlifts to hang to down position pausing at each position.  set up as a clean…lift off to hang position…pause 2 sec….then take bar to the “down” position pause 2 sec…back to hang pause 2 sec….take to floor. that is 1 rep and 1 set.  perform 4 sets.  go medium to heavy.
  4. sit ups x 100