Saturday, May 7th, 2016


1.  band  snatch pulls: take 2 heavy db’s one on each end of bar…..wrap band around db and end of bar….the bar should be about mid thigh.  use straps…..take bar from mid thigh and drive up with your legs and hips while leading with the shoulders and keep pulling into a snatch high pull keeping elbows high and outside.  4 sets of 3 reps….as long as bar comes under chin you can add weight.

2. band muscle snatch: take weight off bar….use only a bar….same position as above….drive up with legs and hips, keeping bar close by keeping elbows high and outside….then strong turn-over.  this can be awkward so one must turn over and press… not allow any swinging on the turnover. 4 sets x 3 reps.  do not go up in weight on this exercise.  use light band.

3. snatch: 5 sets of 3 pos snatch… more than 40 kg….of if lighter.  groove the speed and the positioning.

4. clean and jerk: 5 sets of 2 … more than 50 kg……ok if lighter.  groove the speed and the positioning.

5. abs your choice.