Tuesday, March 8th, 2016


1. 3 FRONT SQUAT + JERK: 3+1 X 6 SETS.  No misses!  Learn to come out of a front squat, adjust the barbell, jerking perfectly.

2. Power clean+clean: 1+1 X 5 sets.  NO MISSES!

3. 3 POSITION PAUSE CLEAN PULLS: 1st pull (floor to mid thigh) pause 3 sec.  2nd pull to the down position (scoop) pause 2 seconds. 3rd pull (drive upward to the finish position–no pause.) 3 reps and 4 sets!!! Make sure each position is correct and weight on feet are balanced!

4. Good mornings: 4 X 5 sets. To a 45 degree angle. Pause there for 1001 count.

5. 100 ab reps.  Choose the exercise or exercises.  Do sit ups, toes to bar, barbell rollout.