Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016


1. snatch+ohs: 3+3 (means 3 snatches+3 ohs), 2+3, 1+3, 1+3, 1+3. remember, no misses.

rest 10 minutes.

2. fsq+jerk: if you have strong legs, work 1 fsq+2 jerks for 4 or 5 sets not counting warm ups. if you have a strong jerk, but weak legs, then do 3 fsq + 1 jerk. again work as heavy as you can making sure good form is the key.

this is a lot of leg work, but it is also a positioning workout that will help the over-all lifts.

3. push press: 3-5 sets of 3-5, working on a good dip and strong drive.
4. glute ham back extensions, emphasizing hamstrings.
5. 3 x 15 weighted hanging knee raises.