Wednesday, October 12th, 2016


1. barks cleans: hang x 3, on 3rd rep jerk the weight!!

2. pause clean pulls: 2 sec holds at 1″ off floor, 1″ below knee, 1″ above knee, mid thigh (hang) + down (scoop position) + drive up to the high chest (finish position)…..return to positions holding 2 sec.  that is one rep.  Perform 2 sets… control the weight.  I am more interested in you hitting the correct positions and finishing at the top!!  for sets 3 and 4 do not pause….hit those positions and move thru them going very slowly…..never putting bar down for 2 reps…..repeat 1 more set.

3. Front squat+sotts press: 1+3 reps.  5 sets.  You select the weight.

4. Good mornings: 3 x 6 reps.  Medium weight.

5. Ab mat sit ups using weight behind head x 3 sets of 25.