Wednesday, January 6th, 2016


  1. barski cleans+jerk: all 3 cleans are from the launch or hang. Do the 3 cleans then jerk the bar!!! THIS will be tough on the jerk with all that volume of the cleans. Think: dip and DRIVE ON THE JERK!!! Work up to: (70%x3+1, 75%x3+1, 80%x3+1)2
  2. clean deadlifts+ shrug: set up as you would a clean……deadlift the bar to the high hang for 3 reps…..then on the last rep…deadlift to hang and f rom the high hang perform a down and finish (dip and shrug, but do not forget to finish)…..100%x3+1×2, 105%x3+1×2
  3. toes to the bar: 50 reps total.
  4. Box jumps: 20 total