Wednesday, January 27th, 2016


  1. 2 position cleans: 1 from launch (hang) 1 from floor. 75%x1+1×2, 80%x1+1×2, 85%x1+1×2
  2. front squat+jerk: work up to 80% of best cln and jerk. 1+1×2 sets, 85%x1+1×2 sets.
  3. Clean pulls+clean shrugs: clean pull to hang then to high hang….getting speed on the bar thru the middle. After completing the rx reps do 3 reps of the clean shrug….that is using legs and going to finish position with speed and minimal hip bend. Work up to 100%x3(clean pulls first…after the last rep (3rd rep) performed….do+5 clean shrugs x 2 sets…..105%x3+5 reps x 2 sets.
  4. Box jumps x 25 total
  5. 100 reps ab mat sit ups