Wednesday, January 20th, 2016


  1. 3 POS CLEANS: (70%x1+1+1, 75%x1+1+1, 80%x1+1+) x 2 waves
  2. RACK JERK BEHIND NECK+JERK: TAKE BAR OFF RACK FROM THE BEHIND NECK POSITION PERFORM 1 JERK….LOWER THE BAR TO THE FRONT POSITION AND DO 2ND JERK: 1+1 X 5 SETS. You select the weight to be used. Proper footwork and drive thru and under the bar is critical here.
  3. Clean pulls: work up to 95%x3, 100%x3X2 these are of your best clean. Focus on position as well as getting speed thru the middle. Make the bar “sing to you!”
  4. Box jumps: 25 reps