Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015


1.  2 position cleans: 1st rep from floor, 2nd rep from  hang.  just like monday with the snatch.     :work up to (75%x1+1, 80%x1+1, 83%x1+1) 2   2 waves!!

2. power jerk+jerk: 5 sets x1+1`.  you select the weight.  work on the drive here…..i want a straight dip and a straight drive on both reps.  make sure your chin gets out of the way.

3. clean pulls in segments: floor, below knee, hang, pockets, down position.  reverse the reps in order. do not put bar on floor…take it down to 1″ above floor and repeat rep one more time.  8%x5, 85%x5x2,   you can use straps.  this is a tough sequence.  if the weight is too light, go up….if its too heavy, lower the weight.

4. sit ups with a 5 kg plate behind head: have someone hold feet….curl up…do not arch up…touch elbows to bent knees. 50 total any way you can.  if 5 kg is too hard, then reduce the weight.