Monday, July 27th, 2015


1. BARSKI SNATCH:  (all snatches are from the hang and no straps are allowed). you will perform 3 reps for each set. work up to 70%x3 reps x 5 sets.

2. snatch pulls: work up to 90%x3, 95%x3, 100%x2, 105%x1.  straps are allowed.

3. snatch balance no dip: work up to a heavy single.  this will  not be very much weight.  get to the heavy single in 3 sets after a warm up.  then…..snatch balance with a dip: get to a heavier single than first exercise in 3 sets.

4.  50 total evil wheels!!  if you do not have an evil wheel put a 5 lb plate on any bar.  put knees on ab mat…roll bar out to a complete position and touch nose or forehead on floor….pause 2 sec…..return to kneeling position.   (this is really evil)