Wednesday, June 24th, 2015


1. 2 pos cleans: first rep is from the floor, 2nd rep is from hang position (launch/mid thigh).  work up to 65% x 1+1×2, 70%x1+1×3.

2. clean deadlifts: use same set up as you clean:  work up to 85%x3, 90%x3x2.   using great form.  i suggest pausing at 1-2″ above the knees to feel the hamstrings activate.  making sure your weight is distributed slightly towards the heel, the shin is perpendicular to the floor, back is tight slightly arched and shoulder are over the bar.  this is critical. from here go to the down position and then stand.

3. rack jerks behind neck: using great form and technique with the footwork, work up to a medium heavy single in 5 reps.

4. reverse back extensions holding a db between ankles.  pause at the top.  3 x 6.

5. 100 sit ups