Monday, May4th, 2015


1. snatch+snatch balance no dip: use a weight, that you can do this with…..not sure what that will be with the snatch balance with no dip….this is a tough complex.  however, once you miss that snatch balance no dip….proceed to snatches and work to 85%x1x3, 88%x1x3, 80%x1x3

2. snatch deadlifts:  address bar….snatch deadlift using same lift off as snatch….to mid thigh, pause then on up….back to mid thigh….lower bar to 1″off ground pause 1001….repeat 2 more reps.  95%x3, 100%x3, 100%+5 kg x 3.  use good form here.

3. snatch push press: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1