Wednesday, April 15th, 2015


1. pwr snatch+snatch: take % off best snatch.  work up to 70%x1+1×2, 75%x1+1×2, 80%x1+1×2….if 80% is easy go up to 83%x1+1 and if that is easy go to 85%x1+1

2. snatch lift off’s to mid thigh: 90% x 3 (lift to mid thigh, take down to 1″ from ground….2nd rep to mid thigh….take down to 1″ from ground….3rd rep to mid thigh….explode to a good finish….now take bar to floor slowly in 10 sec.  95% x 2 reps same as above.  100%x1 rep same as above but only pause and then explode and down in 10 sec.

3. snatch push press: 3, 2, 1, 1,