Monday, April 22nd, 2019

Push Press: 4×3.

Push Jerk: Work up to a heavy double. Once you hit a heavy double, hit two heavy singles.

Clean Pull + Power Clean to 1/4 squat+ Power Clean to half squat+ Jerk (1+1+1+1) x 5 working sets.

Clean Pulls with Pause At Mid Knee (pause for 2 seconds): 3×3. Heavy, but keep the speed on the bar.

3 Sets:

KB Goblet Hold Step Ups x 20

KB Side Bends x 20 each side

Friday, April 19th, 2019

High Hang Muscle Snatch + Snatch Grip Behind The Neck Press (5+5) x 3

SN PP + Pause OHS+ OHS: (3+1+1) x5

Snatch Lift off to 1” off ground and hold for three seconds + Snatch (1+1) x 5 working sets (working sets means don’t count your warm ups as part of the 5 sets)

In between sets perform 5 tall box jumps to reinforce proper leg drive. (feel that same leg drive when you go to snatch)

Pause Front Squat + 1 1/4 FS + FS (1+1+1)x5

Friday, April 12th, 2019

Snatch deadlift to 1 inch off floor + snatch (2+1)x 5 sets.

*Deadlift to one inch off the floor, place bar back down. Deadlift again to one inch off the floor and then go straight into your snatch from there.

Clean deadlift to mid knee + clean + jerk : (1+1+1)x 4. Place bar back down after the deadlift to the knee.

Box squats: 5,3,1,5,3,1,10,10. try and get heavier than last week.

In between box squat sets do deadbug holds for 45 seconds and 10 ring push ups or regular push ups

Wednesday, April 10th, 2019

Push Press: 4×4

Push Jerk: 3×3

Clean Pull + Power Clean + Dip + Pause Split Jerk (pause in split for 3 seconds): (3+3+3) x 1, (2+1+2) x 2, (1+1+1) x 3

Clean Pulls with Pause At Mid Knee (pause for 2 seconds): 4×4

Barbell Back Rack Walking Lunges: 3×20 steps

Perform 25 Weighted Sit ups in between sets

Monday, April 8th, 2019

Muscle Snatch + Snatch Grip Behind The Neck Press (5+5) x 5

High Hang Jump And Shrug + High Hang Power Snatch to 4” (1+1)x3x3

(We’re practicing firing our legs properly with the jump and shrug and then replicating that sensation on the power snatch)

Power Snatch from Mid Knee (start from the floor, not from the top down) + OHS: (1+1) x 3 x 3 sets.

Snatch from Mid Knee: 4×2

(Use that same finish that you had on the power movements in the snatch)

Pause Front Squat: 5×3. On the last rep, have a 10 second descent 

Wednesday, March 27th, 2019

Cycle- Emphasis- Build Leg capacity in as many different ways possible!

3 sets:

  1. Muscle Snatch x 5
  2. High Hang Jump And Shrug x 5

*Use Straps on the high hang jump and shrug and jump as high as possible. Feel your legs drive hard against the ground


High Hang Power Snatch to 2” squat + OHS: (1+1) x 3 x 2 sets.

*one power snatch, one OHS, three times for two sets. Do not stand after you receive the power snatch. Pause and then immediately go down into your OHS.

High Hang Power Snatch to 6” (parallel)+ OHS: (1+1) x 2×2

High Hang Snatch: 3×3

Pause Position Front Squats (full, parallel, 1 inch below parallel, quarter squat, full): 3 sets.

*You will go down into a full squat, come back up to parallel, lower yourself down to right below parallel, go back up to a quarter squat, go back down and finish with a full squat. These will be light!

Front Squat: 3×3

Monday, March 18th, 2019

3 sets:

Back Rack Walking Lunge x 12 steps

DB Russian Step ups x 10 each leg

DB Chinese Row x 10


3 sets:

Front Squat: 5,3,1,5,3,1

Tuck Hold x 45 seconds

KB Farmer Carry x 100m 


3 sets:

Weighted Plank x 60 sec (accumulation is fine)

Side Plank x 30 sec each side

KB Side Bends x 20 each side.