• Ran by one of our amazing Coaches. Each class will include a warm up and cool down as well as the daily WOD.


  • Feel free to come in at this time to make up a missed WOD or to work on any skills and lifts.


  • During this time, there will be a Coach present and a daily programmed Weightlifting workout designed specifically to enhance your Olympic lifts.


  • On-Ramp is scheduled by sign up only. Please contact us or call Kris at 303.641.7953 to sign up or for more information.

New- Mat Pilates:

  • During this 45 min class you will stretch, strengthen and align your body.  Leave feeling strong and flexible, ready to conquer your next WOD.

  • Cost is $20 for non-members, FREE for members.


NOTE: Additional class times or personal training available on request! Contact us for more info.  As always, please be respectful of the ongoing CrossFit Class and Coach, and work with them on equipment and space sharing.  Thanks!