Mile High CrossFit offers an On-Ramp Program as a way to introduce 'newbies' to CrossFit.  It is designed for anyone who would like to join one of our group classes.  Whether you have been sedentary, generally active, or an elite athlete, our On-Ramp Program is tailored to prepare you with the tools to succeed in CrossFit.

The three On-Ramp classes are by appointment only.  Please contact us to schedule your On-Ramp classes. Or click here to sign up and purchase your On-Ramp sessions.

Some things to make your On-Ramp Program successful:

- If you have any injuries or limitations please communicate them to the CrossFit Coach in advance of the class so we may adjust and modify accordingly

- Come prepared to learn a lot, work hard and have some fun.

- Bring work out clothes, water and even a snack for after your workout

- Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page which hopefully should answer most of your questions.

- Some common CrossFit phrases and acronyms that may help in your introduction to CrossFit:

      * WOD - Work out of the Day: In CrossFit this is the gyms daily workout

      * AMRAP - As Many Rounds As Possible: This is a style of WOD where there is a set amount of time on the clock and you perform the exercises to accumulate as many rounds as you can in that time

      * For Time: This is a style of WOD were this is a set amount of work to be complete (usually x number of rounds of varied movements) and you keep track of the amount of time it took to complete that work.

      *Chipper: This is typically a 'For Time' style of WOD where there is a long list of exercises that you 'chip' your way through.

      * Benchmarks WODs: These are CrossFit headquarters designed WODs that may be occasionally repeated to gauge your improvement.  Some of the most popular benchmarks are Fran, Grace, Cindy, Helen, and Isabel.  Once your indoctrination into CrossFit is complete you will be able to rattle off your Fran time at parties and anyone from the CrossFit community will immediately jump in with their Fran time.

      * Hero WODs: These are also CrossFit headquarters designed WODs and are named after service men and women who have lost their lives in the line of duty.