Frequently Asked Questions


How are classes run at MHCF?

Class begins with a Warm Up, this is typically led by the Coach for your class and begins within the first few minutes of the start of the class.  The group warm-ups and stretching will help prepare you for the WOD (work out of the day). This includes reviewing strength or skill work if that is part of the workout and the technique of movements and modifications if you can not perform the movements as prescribed. The class will then set up the necessary equipment for the WOD and the Coach will start class at the same time using the digital clock for timing purposes. Once the WOD is complete, clean up your equipment and perform the Cool Down which is also located on the Main White Board.

Does the class start time mean I start my Warm up or WOD?

Warm up, WOD and Cool Down are designed to fit into the hour time slot allotted for a class. Of course you are welcome to come a little early or stay later (during regular class times) and work on a skill as long as you are not interrupting the ongoing class.

What is Open Gym?

We have scheduled Open Gym times during the week and on Sundays to allow members to come in and work on skills, strength and Olympic lifting moves or make up WODs that they missed.  A Coach is present during Open Gyms but for the most part you should consider this individual time at the gym and come prepared with your own warm up, WOD and cool down.  Open Gym is not typically a time for new members unless coordinated in advance.

Do you have Changing Rooms?

Yes, we have a bathroom that can double as a changing room if you are coming before or after work or another event, but we do not have showers.

Do you have a Kids Area?

Yes, we do have a designated area for kids!  They have a separate room to play and be away from the main floor while the workout is happening

Do you have a Drop In rate?

If you are visiting from out of state or another CrossFit Box, we’d love to have you drop in!  Our Drop-In Rate is $20 or $30 with a Tshirt and $5 for any additional day during your visit.   Please feel free to send us a email with any additional questions about Drop-Ins and your expected arrival. 

I am new to MHCF, what should I do to get started?

We would love to introduce you to CrossFit!  If you are new to CrossFit we require you get started by signing up for the On-Ramp Program (3 beginner classes) to learn the fundamentals of CrossFit.  Email us at or call us at 303-641-7953 to set up a time to come in or if you have any questions. 

Are there any gym rules I should know about?


Empty barbells and kettle bells were not designed to be dropped.  Please help us maintain the equipment by placing empty bars on the ground or a squat stand and lowering kettlebells to the ground when complete.

We also ask that you be considerate while Coaches are explaining and demonstrating movements for WODs.  We are all here to learn and talking or dropping of weights can be distracting.  

Clean up and put away all of the equipment after each workout and help us keep the gym clean by wiping up your sweat, tears, vomit, etc :).

Otherwise, cheer, clap, and encourage others and enjoy getting fit!