Meet our Coaches

Kris Mccuiston - owner

Little, but mighty...Kris has been doing CrossFit for 10 years!  It all started with his MMA career where he used CrossFit for conditioning.  Through his passion for the sport, he decided to make it a career and Coach full time.  His love for competition has also continued through CrossFit, participating and placing in many local competitions as well as making the Mile High CrossFit Regional Team in 2014.

Bekka McCoy - owner

Bekka has been focused on CrossFit for the past 4 years.  Prior to CrossFit, she has been in the Personal Training Industry since 2005 and between now and then, she has also picked up her Pilates Apparatus and Mat Certifications and Indoor Cycling Certification.  Her love for fitness began in Elementary School and has followed her throughout her life; where she has trained and participated in almost every sport but found her favorite sport to be Track & Field (primarily 800m and Relays) in Middle School, High School and College.  She has also participated in the Arizona Ironman; completed the Florida Half Ironman and numerous Tough Mudders.  Her main focus now is CrossFit and Pilates and as much as she loves to compete and better herself in her fitness endeavors, she loves even more being able to train and coach others to reach their full fitness potentials and goals.

Lou Rivera

Lou grew up running around shoe-less and shirtless on the mean beaches of Hawaii.  He drank the CrossFit Kool-Aid 5 years ago and since then has changed his fitness plan to be exclusive to CrossFit.  During that time, he has competed in numerous local competitions in both the open and Masters division.  At the age of 40 something, he is in the best shape of his life and wants to be an inspiration to all that believe they are “Over the Hill.”  Lou believes anyone can reach their fitness goals and is excited to help them get there and be a part of their journey.